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Knee & Foot Pain


Dr. Dan has advanced chiropractic training in manipulation of extremities to re-align and relieve pain. He has worked with NBA and NFL and Olympic athletes to help re-align their extremities, such as knees and feet and hands and shoulders to pain free and optimal strength. He has had world renowned extremity instruction from Palmer College of Chiropractic professors and special foot and ankle instruction from certified sports chiropractic specialists from educational organizations like the California Chiropractic Association, and Footlevelers.  In addition to chiropractic training he has been certified by the American Council on Exercise(ACE) to optimally rehabilitate injuries and strength joint and muscular structures. Don’t let foot or knee pain or other extremity pain put a damper on your life, get checked by Dr. Dan today!


Dr Rudé incorporates therapies such as Shockwave therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) in helping clients with knee and foot pain symptoms from scar tissues and adhesions in the knees and feet.