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Kosher Vitamins


Kosher Vitamins (from companies such as Freeda, Maxi Health and Juice Plus) and Vegetable Based Hormone Supplements and N.E.T. organ support herbal supplements and doTerra Essential Oils.


At Wellness Source Chiropractic, we scour the globe to get the healthiest most clean sourced vitamin supplements available, free from animal products, and in all cases either vegan or kosher ingredients.  We carry edible grade essential oils, as well as plant based hormone supplements.


Kosher professionals supervise supplement production, and are up to date on industry production standards as well as kosher laws.  The production of kosher vitamins is supervised from ingredient source level through production and packaging. Many people in addition to those following Jewish guidelines for food intake feel an additional degree of safety when consuming kosher supervised products.


Vegetable based hormone supplements also called bioidentical hormones, are made primarily in compounding pharmacies, and made from plant sources, such as  soybeans and wild yams. The hormones retrieved from these plant sources are said to be identical to the estrogen, progesterone, or androgen, or DHEA that your body makes (although this theory has not been conclusively proved, since our understanding of human hormone production is still at a continuing discovery stage).  Bio-identical hormone supplementation is frequently recommended by health professionals, such as chiropractors and other doctors, to mitigate the effects of hormone depletion that takes place in a human body as it ages, research has found that after age 30 the adult hormone level for many hormones decreases approximately 1% a year, so by age 50 significant hormone level depletion, may have occurred. Although the benefits and risks of hormone supplementation are not completely understood, it seems that less harm is caused by plant based low dose hormone supplementation than large dose synthetic hormone therapy.  Dr. Daniel Rudé recommends low dose bioidentical liposomal( skin absorbed cream delivery )products to many of his clients, that are experiencing symptoms of hormonal insufficiency. The brand he recommends and carries in his office are West Coast Bio-Topicals, these hormone creams have the added benefit of containing homeopathic ingredients that homeopathic philosophy believes help the human body stimulate natural production of hormones targeted, thereby providing a two prong approach to helping the client return to a more balanced hormone state.  Individual interested in hormone supplementation should seek advise from their health providers and monitor their health picture more closely when adding hormone supplementation to their health regime.


NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) Herbals developed by Dr. Don Walker are made using the Hahnemann method of preparation(the law of similar), and all components of the formulas are prepared in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Dr. Daniel Rudé, is one of the sought after chiropractors that is trained in the homeopathic support protocol known as Neuro Emotional Technique NET, an advanced subspecialty taught in the chiropractic professional education system, to assist patients with emotional stresses that according to this protocol has been successful in many cases, in helping to reduce the deleterious effects of symptomatologic weakening of some organ systems.  The NET treatment can be done in consort with the receipt of the chiropractic adjustment, when receiving car