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Meet Dr. Dan


Dr. Dan Rudé, is a California native, but has lived in England, Scotland, and Israel. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Davis, and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the “Fountainhead of Chiropractic”, Palmer College of Chiropractic, west. Dr, Dan was a college level swimmer and has competed in triathlons and open water and running races. He has been a chiropractor for 10 years and is certified in techniques to help posture correction, such as biophysics, activator, and a new technique, Trigenics, that his ground breaking for the healing of soft tissue injuries that are common to sports injuries.  He has worked in the pre-eminent rehab facility in Santa Clara, working with a large number of the 49rs, football team, and his current practice in Los Angeles is the destination for professional athletes in the areas of football, basketball, hockey, swimming and track and field, to name but a few.


Dr. Dan Rudé is an international chiropractic and anti-aging lecturer. He lectures to companies, organizations and leaders in their respective fields. He has incredible presentations available to companies on topics such as increasing employee energy and performance, applying ones special abilities, ergonomics (the study of efficient use of human energy, posture and biomechanics), reducing the effects of aging, our bodies pharmacy, antioxidant knowledge, and shedding extra weight made easy and many more. He also is very well versed in combating mental stresses that people inflict on themselves, and has advanced training in a Chiropractic care technique called Neuro Emotional Technique, NET, which combined with his study of ancient jewish healing philosophies, can help his clients counter act negative self speech, that has been shown through research to potentially cause reduction in many health indices, in individuals. Dr. Dan has monthly free dinner workshops for the community, which he and some of the best chiropractors in the world are providing, to help educate our current world population, on making more healthy lifestyle choices, from how we sleep, to what we put in our bodies, to what selections of pain relief we use. Join the health revolution today and get educated to make better choices this month for yourselves and those you care about.


Dr. Dan in addition to providing lectures and presentations provides on site ergonomic evaluations, and home or office chiropractic evaluation and care.


Dr. Dan is very involved in helping his profession stay on the cutting edge of professional standards and access to care, he has served as the elected president of the California Chiropractic Association Los Angeles Metropolitan area and currently is serving as the Vice President. In his leadership capacity,  Dr. Dan is called upon to interact with other high profile chiropractors, such as those treating our Olympic athletes and those lobbying our state legislature for chiropractic inclusion and access In our health care system.  Current topics such as safer vaccinations for our states children, is a topic Dr. Dan is currently focusing on.  Dr. Dan has been selected as one of the top chiropractors of Los Angeles, by LA Magazine! Dr. Dan enjoys the process of coaching and adjusting his clients to an improved level of spinal balance and chemical and mental wellness that many clients have not had the experience of enjoying! Stand Tall With Dr. Dan!


In his personal life, Dr. Dan finds time to enjoy the natural beauties available in the southern California area, such as surfing, windsurfing, and hiking. He is interested in spirituality and meditates and prays regularly.


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