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Our Staff


Deborah Klien - Our on staff dietician.


Deborah is the world's first Livitician® coach, a term she coined beyond Dietician, coaching clients on nutrition and fitness for over 15 years. Her mission is to educate others on achieving optimal wellness through balanced eating, intrinsic coaching and exercise.


At University of California, Davis, Deborah received a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and a minor in Exercise Physiology and received her Registered Dietitian license in Georgia. She also completed her Master's of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition with an emphasis in sports nutrition at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona and is a PhD candidate at Saybrook University Graduate College of Mind-Body Medicine. She is also a Certified Intrinsic Coach, which she incorporates into her nutrition coaching to delve into the core of ones' experiences and thoughts, to identify any barriers to enable long-term health.

Norma - Our Office Manager


Meet Norma our friendly office manager. She is here to great you as client of the office and a friend and fellow ambassador of the benefits of chiropractic health care. She is ever ready with a post adjustment chewable vitamin c and reminder to hydrate:)