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Posture Correction



At Wellness Source Chiropractic, we realize that scientific research shows that, body performance is improved with chiropractic care, and even better with chiropractic care paired with a personally designed posture corrective exercise program. So at Wellness Source Chiropractic, Dr. Dan Rudé, provides his clients both optimal posture corrective chiropractic care and supportive specifically designed exercises to strengthen those specific muscle groups assessed as needing strengthening to help improve the posture. Many different age groups benefit from posture corrective chiropractic care, from the elder, to children that are in their growing years, to pregnant and post pregnancy mom’s looking to help support effective births as well as support improvements in post pregnancy posture while relaxing hormone levels are high helping, to allow for more easy posture correction.


Seen in many sports performance studies chiropractic manipulative care and posture correction exercise improve dramatically the sports performance of individuals.  Whether your seeking to improve your athletic performance or just reduce pain, and help your spine function with improved health and range of motion, posture corrective chiropractic care should be in your health mix.

Core strengthening and spinal correction play a pivotal role in the correction of spinal deformation.


I’m trained to adjust kids and pregnant women like Dr Berlin.

We offer The Ring Dinger traction adjusting table in California


















Impact of post-manipulation corrective core exercises on the spinal deformation and lumbar strength in golfers: a case study

Chul-ho Shin, PhD, Minjeong Kim, PhD, and Gi Duck Park, PhD.


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Wellness Source Chiropractic - Los Angeles Chiropractor Dr. Daniel M. Rudé