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The Ring Dinger® traction adjusting technique is a available at Wellness Source Chiropractic and, is a revolutionary manual spinal decompression chiropractic technique, a key component of the Johnson Chiropractic technique formidably nicknamed the Ring Dinger®. This Y-Axis decompression adjustment causes a Y axis distraction of all 24 freely movable vertebrae creating a vacuum between the vertebrae and allowing for an assist in the retraction of bulging or herniated disc matter, (Nucleus Pulposis). This powerful Y axis adjustment can assist in improving the spinal joint range of motion to its maximum range (Anatomical Ligament Integrity) which can assist in drastically reducing the neurological interference at the intervertebral foramina, (IVF) of the human spine which commonly causes symptoms such as pain, (Pinched Nerves) restriction of range of motion, and (Stiffness) in conditions like lumbosacral radiculopathy or cervicobrachial syndrome/radiculopathy.  Call our office 310-280-0600 to schedule your first Ring Dinger® appointment today.