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Tempur-pedic Pillows


Dr. Daniel Rudé, D.C. is an internationally renowned chiropractor and a member of the Tempur-pedic Medical Division, which has for years provided the unique pressure and temperature sensitive TEMPUR® material, in the manufacture of mattresses, cushions, and orthopedic pillows, meeting the critical pressure redistribution and comfort needs of patients receiving health care services, such as post operative, and that have greater sensitivity to the effects of pressure, in such settings as hospitals, nursing homes, and homecare environments. The Tempur-pedic mattresses have been found by many, to provide a more supportive environment for the healing of spinal injuries and the posture support necessary, in helping to rebalance muscular insufficiencies found in such conditions as lumbar trauma and scoliosis.








Tempur-Pedic North American Medical Division serves the needs of the healthcare industry, in part, by partnering with some leading medical practitioners, such as Dr. Daniel M. Rudé, to help provide patient interface and sleep system selection and deliveries to his clients. Dr. Dan, can help fit you for a proper supportive cervical pillow, or mattress, to help foster improved deep restorative sleep, during which is typically approximately a third of ones daily time.